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Eliminate the "trilemma" of the bullion market


Within the precious metal industry, the "trilemma" refers to the fact that it has traditionally been seen as impossible to achieve the following three objectives at the same time:

  • Ensure integrity and authenticity of the products and data

  • Achieve transparency around the products' provenance and chain of custody

  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy of business transactions and stakeholders

So far, available technology and business processes have made it challenging to fulfil the required standards in all three dimensions simultaneously and efficiently. The innovative use of new technologies, including distributed ledger technology (DLT), has enabled aXedras to build the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ and to overcome the "trilemma".



Data Integrity

  • Permission-based data updates: only authorised parties are entitled to write on the DLT-based platform's accounts


  • DLT-component Notary Service prohibits double-spending of data or assets

  • Cryptographically secured exchange of data and documents in a p2p manner

  • Unique, digital signatures are used to verify business partners' data updates

  • Immutable registry of physical transactions and product data updates

Data Integrity

Product Integrity

  • Immutably documented provenance and chain of custody for each product

  • Active brand protection through the systematic detection of potential duplicates or counterfeits

  • Reference to and/or integration of security features along the supply chain is possible

  • Digital proof of evidence and ownership


  • Versatile, high-quality and real-time KYA (Know Your Asset) services

Product Integrity


  • Holistic supply chain traceability solution for precious metals

  • Understand the associated chain of custody of precious metals

  • Look up digital pedigree of your products including compliance data revealing the actual suppliers and transport routes

  • Trace any changes of product data and documentation

  • Industry reports, analysis and data services on an aggregated level



  • Data sovereignty: platform members retain control and ownership of their data and decide with whom to share which data

  • State-of-the-art usage of distributed ledger technology avoids central aggregation of sensitive data

  • Data is only shared and stored peer-to-peer and behind your firewalls

  • Digital proof of custodianship and ownership without compromising confidentiality

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