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The role of manufacturers and industry companies

Manufacturers and industry companies purchase precious metals or precious metals-bearing components to process them into finished products such as jewelry, watches or other high-end devices.

They represent an important group of buyers of precious metals from a refiner's point of view and given their nature as manufacturing company they also supply decent amounts of recycled material.

Manufacturers and industry companies have similar functionalities available on the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ since they also source and process precious metals and sell their finished goods to downstream customers - who might be interested in a digital Integrity Certificate containing all data around the provenance and chain of custody of the precious metals processed.

Benefits Manufactures & Jewellers

Your benefits as manufacturer

  • Digitalise your sourcing processes and receive digital provenance information for your goods purchased

  • Benefit from immutably recorded and digitized KYS (=Know-your-Supplier) and KYSS information

  • DLT-based supply chain traceability solution to comply with exiting and emerging reporting and disclosure regulations

  • Production processes can be reflected on aXedras' DLT-based platform to guarantee the integrity of the product data

  • Issue digital twins representing your finished products such as jewelry or watch containing detailed information around the precious metals' origin

aXedras Ecosystem

The aXedras™ Ecosystem represents a global community who is actively applying the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ in order to increase the transparency and integrity within the global precious metal industry.

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Testimonials of members of the aXedras™ Ecosystem

“We’ve been in discussions with aXedras and their offerings since the APPMC in Singapore. We’re experiencing an increased demand from our customers that they would like to know where the precious metals being used for their jewelry is coming from. Together with our refining partner we investigate how to apply the solution provided by aXedras. Ultimately, our objective is to provide digital provenance and chain of custody data around gold to our precious customers – using digital twins and certificates.”

Helen Viljoen

Founder & CEO of NebüGold

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