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The role of banks and dealers

There are central banks, bullion banks (running the OTC markets, e.g. loco London or loco Zurich), exchanges, wholesalers and retailers, sometimes referred to as dealers or traders.

On a high level, one could differentiate that the bullion banks and metals exchanges are taking care of bullion trading and that the wholesalers and retailers, which obviously also could be licensed banks, are focusing on the distribution of precious metals.

Some banks and dealers do also operate own vaults and are engaged in B2B and/or B2C businesses.

Benefits Banks & Dealers

Your benefit as a bank/dealer

  • Digital "Know your Asset" standard to easily adhere to compliance regulations and disclosure obligations regarding your precious metals under management

  • Benefit from integrated and digital KYC(C) and compliance processes

  • Use the available data and new level of transparency for your ESG and/or sustainability reports

  • DLT-based proof of evidence & ownership

  • Share received provenance and chain of custody data with your downstream customers

aXedras Ecosystem

The aXedras™ Ecosystem represents a global community who is actively applying the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ in order to increase the transparency and integrity within the global precious metal industry.

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Testimonials of members of the aXedras™ Ecosystem

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“The precious metals industry has always faced transparency, reputation, and trust issues. Among others, aXedras’ solution has revolutionized the recording of the full provenance and chain of custody of physical precious metals. In this industry based heavily on faith and reputation, aXedras’s offering is critical in perpetuating our clients’ trust.”

Scott Schamber

Managing Director at BFI Bullion AG

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