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The role of a recycling company

Recycling companies are suppliers of precious metals and precious metals-bearing materials. Recycled precious metals are traditionally defined as anything that is precious metals-bearing and don't directly originate from a mine in its first life-cycle, i.e., the material comes from a secondary source.

Roughly 1/3 of the global gold supply originates from secondary sources.

Subcategories of recycled precious metals are:

  • remelted bullion bars and coins, jewelry, scrap or industrial by-product.

Recycling companies are involved in the conservation of precious metals and given the increasing focus on sustainability a major pillar within the precious metal industry.

Benefits Recycling

Your benefits as a recycling company

  • Digitalise your sourcing and KYC efforts and share the results seamlessly with your downstream customers (KYCC)

  • Benefit from fast, secure and efficient flows of data and documents which leads to faster payment terms

  • Document the origin of collected and processed materials and, hence, start digitalizing the life-cycle of the materials

  • Involve external auditors or umpires for the assaying process at ease and in a digital manner

  • Differentiate your brand also in the digital world

aXedras Ecosystem

The aXedras™ Ecosystem represents a global community who is actively applying the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ in order to increase the transparency and integrity within the global precious metal industry.

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