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Digital twins drive digital transformation

Throughout the Bullion Integrity Ledger™, aXedras has implemented the logic of digital twins. They can represent physical objects with static data defining them or process flows with dynamic data updating them. To digitally represent supply of precious metals sourced by mines or secondary sources, a unique Provenance Record is used which can define and document the entirety of one shipment and its individual products. Provenance Records can be issued by the supplier of the material and are digitally transmitted to the refiners who are processing the physical underlying. Refiners determine the ultimate weight and finesse of the material received and update these information on the Provenance Records in order to process the material, i.e. the Provenance Record digitally. To digitally represent a refined precious metal product, an Integrity Certificate, with its unique aXedras™ ID, is created during the registration process. This process can be initiated either through the refiner or by an accredited vault which has the product of interest under custody. Afterwards, each Integrity Certificate acts as a unique data carrier for its corresponding physical product and it is used within via the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ to exchange and store data referencing to this given product. The Integrity Certificate contains descriptive data of the physical product: for instance, the five unique identifiers and available provenance data or a reference to unique security feature as an additional authentication layer. The combination of the five unique identifiers stamped on the surface of physical bullions serves as the physical-digital-linkage between the precious metal product and the associated Integrity Certificate. Other technical states of the Integrity Certificate contain sensitive information and represent the technical foundation for digitalised B2B processes between business partners. The exchange of data and documents around sourcing, vaulting, shipments or audits is streamlined and structured in a peer-to-peer manner. Ultimately, although the underlying solution utilises distributed ledger technology, your sensitive business practices remain confidential and you keep the data sovereignty.


Digital products

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Provenance Record

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Integrity Certificate

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Digital Proesses

Digital processes


  • Streamlined exchange of data and documents around deliveries of supply material

  • Digitise your data on an immutable ledger for simplified and standardised reporting​​



  • Smart contracts prohibit double spending of digitised provenance data

  • Proof of evidence and ownership throughout production processes



  • 1 tool to trigger, release, monitor and accept shipments

  • Digital bar lists and shipment documents for more efficient processes



  • Digital bar lists for simplified stock-in and stock-out processes

  • Access to digital inventory to check your holdings including all data available

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