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The role of a logistics company?

Logistics companies can act as forwarders and/or vaults:

Forwarders hold a pivotal role within the supply chains of raw, processed, (semi-)finished and refined precious metals. Among others, secure logistics, trusted business relationships, modern technologies and comprehensive protection solutions are pillars within the field of transporting precious metals.

Ultimately, forwarders do not only ship goods from A to B, but they also ensure the integrity within the chain of custody of precious metals.

Vaults globally operate high security warehouses and offer different options for storage of precious metals, ranging from short-term, long-term to bonded storage.

Among others, vault operators provide and confirm to their customers the quantity and characteristics of vaulted products and offer several warehouse management activities for their customers. Ultimately, some vault operators also provide activities as forwarders and therefore benefit twice by the aXedras™ Ecosystem.

Benefits Logistics

Your benefits as a logistician

  • Receive and exchange digital bar lists based on trusted and standardised data with your customers - without sending around emails and attachments

  • Fast and efficient stock-in and stock-out operations based on unified data standards

  • Cryptographically encrypted proof of evidence and chain of custody empowers piece of mind for your customers

  • Accelerate integrations and technical collaborations with your customers and auditors to streamline your reporting and disclosure obligations

aXedras Ecosystem

The aXedras™ Ecosystem represents a global community who is actively applying the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ in order to increase the transparency and integrity within the global precious metal industry.

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Testimonials of members of the aXedras™ Ecosystem

"As the first official Concept Partner of aXedras, we are very pleased to see the progress that aXedras has made for the greater good of the precious metals industry. By combining Loomis' expertise in valuable logistics solutions with aXedras' digital innovation, we already serve as the exclusive vaulting partner for the first Gold ETF fully backed by aXedras-documented material. We are excited to enable our storage and forwarding customers to benefit from the aXedras platform by acting not only as their trusted partner for their physical valuables but also for their digital data.”

Patrik Berni_Loomis.png

Patrik Berni

Managing Director at Loomis International

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