Bullion Integrity Ledger™

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The Bullion Integrity Ledger™ is a neutral product platform that connects all stakeholders of the global precious metal industry. It is a decentralised, secure and member-based platform for peer-to-peer interaction.

As stakeholders along the global value-chain of precious metals have specialised in different core competencies, aXedras focuses equally on their diverse business requirements. Our product offering is designed modularly in order to satisfy these diverse requirements. The Bullion Integrity Ledger™ utilises the same, mutually agreed on data standard.


In order to digitalise B2B processes, the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ enables its members to share information following this unified data standard and to record the outcomes of business transactions in an immutable and auditable manner. Ultimately, this leads to properly documented products without compromising the confidentiality of the owners or the parties otherwise involved in the transactions.


Life-cycle of precious metal products

Connecting upstream & downstream

Life cycle of precious metal products.pn


  • Immutable proof of provenance: know where your gold comes from

  • Innovative solution for mined and recycled material

  • Technical solution to support the global ambitions and projects on responsible sourcing of precious metals

  • Connecting upstream and downstream: allocate provenance data to individual, refined products

  • Real-time proof of evidence for material within the supply-chain or production as the basis for collateralisation



  • Digitalise precious metal products: applies equally for refined investment products, semi-finished goods and grain

  • Digitally recording the chain of custody of physical products

  • Blockchain-based proof of evidence & ownership

  • Digitalisation of company-wide processes



  • Innovative collateralisation of precious metals along the value-chain

  • Lenders have real-time visibility over their collaterals

  • Reduced financing costs for the borrower and digital exchange of information and data

  • Immutable documentation of physical material

  • Possible issuance of innovative, gold-backed tokens through third parties