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aXedras™ Ecosystem

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​The aXedras™ Ecosystem is a manifestation of aXedras' vision to connect and to digitalise the global precious metal industry. The digital transformation of one industry is based on people and trust.

Therefore, aXedras regularly gathers its business partners, experts of the precious metal industry and other interested persons by organizing physical and virtual events. Our flagship event, the Bullion Integrity Forum, takes place annually in spring and has the objective to provide insights to the market. Additionally, closed working groups and bi-/multilateral workshops with valuable concept partners contribute to the advancement of aXedras' software solutions.

The aXedras™ Ecosystem is spanning the entire value chain of gold and its stakeholders.


aXedras Members
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Digital Transformation

  • Mutually agreed taxonomy as foundation for efficient B2B information flow and transactions

  • Digital transformation of operating and B2B processes

  • Elimination of data silos, recurring paperwork and process fragmentation or duplication

  • Streamlined support for reports and audits based on digital and structured data

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  • Seamless data transfer through standardised interfaces between members' IT systems

  • Connecting and providing access to third party solution providers

  • Agnostic approach to cover current and innovative technologies such as security features

  • Enabling the fungibility of physical precious metal products between different markets

  • Setting the technical foundation for industry-wide collaboration and digitalisation projects

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