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Truly decentralised architecture & infrastructure

Due to high confidentiality and security requirements, a solution which stores all data centrally is not acceptable for the precious metal industry. The Bullion Integrity Ledger™ uses a decentralised architecture and infrastructure whereby each member stays in control of their data following real-world business transactions.


Accordingly, the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ is a business network of companies using the software solution by aXedras. The software is necessary to become a member of the permissioned Bullion Integrity Ledger™, it includes the member's account (i.e., node) and it enables the interaction with other members.

Important: The actual data always remain in the member’s sovereignty. Data is exchanged and shared only with your counterparty of that very business transaction.


Installation: Each member has two installation options:

1. On premise

Install the aXedras software solution on premise, i.e. within your own data center or in a cloud-solution of your choice, or

2. SAAS (Software-as-a-Service)

Take advantage of the simple, cloud-based SAAS-installation offered by aXedras.

As a next step, the licensed software solutions can either be integrated into existing IT systems of the member and (or) it's only being accessed and used via a simple, web-based user interface (UI).

The sum of all established nodes by each individual member represent the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ in its nature as a truly decentralised business network.

UI Access
Login – 3.png

Simple, web-based login

Whenever a member of the aXedras™ Ecosystem decides to take advantage of the Software-as-a-Service solution provided by aXedras, the member receives a one stop solution including:

  • Hosting and monitoring of required software and hardware

  • Provision and installation of software licenses

  • Automated and seamless release management, and

  • Simple and web-based access to the platform

This approach immediately enables the member to use the aXedras software and to connect with their business partners digitally.

Efficient, API-based integration

Each member can integrate the aXedras solution into their existing IT environment and processes - applies equally for on-premise or SAAS installation

aXedras provides an interface (i.e., application programming interface (API)) which enables the bidirectional integration and synchronization between the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ and the member's IT environment - while considering the given and defined Identity and Access Management policy.


ERP Integration

aXedras utilises Corda Enterprise by R3

aXedras takes advantage of R3's Corda Enterprise solution, which is a scalable, permissioned peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed ledger technology (DLT). The technology supports aXedras to build its Bullion Integrity Ledger™ fostering and delivering digital trust between parties in the precious metal industry.

R3 has a very similar philosophy when it comes to developing business applications:

Read here the article "The World Needs a B2B Application Development Platform" by Richard Gendal Brown, CTO at R3.

"As distributed ledger technology’s potential to bring increased efficiencies comes to the fore, we are seeing R3’s own Corda platform being leveraged across more varied and diverse industries. The precious metals industry is one such example of R3 and Corda’s cross-sector reach. Our Corda Enterprise platform is ideally suited for businesses looking to reap all its benefits such as increased security and scalability capabilities. We are proud to be the platform of choice for aXedras™ as they look to bring a DLT-based solution to the bullion market.”

Cathy Minter_edited.jpg

Cathy Minter

Chief Revenue Officer at R3

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