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Counterfeiting Gold Products is a Global Challenge

  • Ever greater price of gold makes it increasingly tempting to fake gold products

  • Irrelevantly how renowned a party seems, counterfeited bars can affect any party

  • Counterfeits can appear everywhere on the globe

  • Security Features to authenticate gold products become more relevant

The Bullion Integrity Ledger by aXedras is connecting and digitalizing the global precious metal industry to

  • safeguard integrity of gold products

  • process B2B transaction on the same data (single source of truth)

  • ensure confidentiality of business transactions

  • integrate security features of gold products

  • detect duplicate bars

aXedras works closely with important stakeholders (e.g., refineries, regulators, logistics) to tackle the challenges of today. The tamper-proof operating principle of aXedras' unique solution ensures the integrity of circulating gold products for the investors during their life-cycle.



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