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Counterfeit or fraudulent precious metals

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

#3 of Digital Assets' Integrity

Historically, precious metals have known to be forged fraudulently given their high value and more recently, perfect counterfeits have infiltrated regulated markets. Adding cheaper metals into a gold bullion isn’t the only means of committing fraud. Other means include disguising the original source of the gold itself by producing perfidious copies and imitating well-known brands.

The #aXedras™ ecosystem provides a unique combination of tools to address these risks:

👉🏻 Through connecting refiners and vaults to a decentralized network, a powerful and meaningful registry is created for refined and vaulted products – without compromising the individual stakeholder’s confidentiality

👉🏻 Whenever a bullion with the same product characteristics is registered within the aXedras™ ecosystem, the vaults holding the potential duplicates/counterfeits are informed

👉🏻 By integrating security features into the Integrity Certificate representing physical precious metals, the custodians are informed whether or not a security feature is available to proof the authenticity of the bullion

Ultimately, the digital chain of #integrity is holistic since it’s possible to trace the entire physical life-cycle of precious metals.


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