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aXedras is selected to Swiss FinTech startup map

#aXedras is one of the new members on the Swiss #FinTech #Startup map (September 2020 edition). In fact, it is the only new startup in the business area Banking Infrastructure.

Our efforts to develop a holistic solution for the global precious metal industry start paying off. Bullion Banks and precious metal wholesalers, retailers and traders represent an important link in the value chain of precious metals and, therefore, we also put a strong focus on their requirements.

The Bullion Integrity Ledger is based on the Corda blockchain by R3 and, consequently, aXedras was allocated to the technology cluster Distributed Ledger Technology. We strongly focus on a truly decentralized architecture and infrastructure with the necessary governance structure for our solution. It is important that the members of the Bullion Integrity Ledger retain data sovereignty while lifting their (B2B) processes to the next level of digitalization and recording the provenance and history of precious metals product immutably on the Corda blockchain.

We are excited about this development and we are looking forward to roll-out our #DLT-based software solution not only in the banking industry but across the global precious metals industry as a whole. Have a look at the complete and interactive FinTech Startup map by #Swisscom:


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