About aXedras

aXedras is a DLT / blockchain-based infrastructure and application provider. aXedras has developed a distributed Corda application for product and data integrity within the bullion market: the Bullion Integrity Ledger™. The vision for a connected and digitalised precious metal industry started taking shape in 2017, and was translated into a successful proof of concept a few months later. aXedras was incorporated in 2018 as an independent technology company and is headquartered in Switzerland - an international hub for both DLT / blockchain solution providers and the precious metal industry.


Moreover, aXedras collaborates with:


  • National and international authorities to shape and evolve the legal framework for distributed ledger technology in Switzerland and globally

  • Market associations to develop an approved software solution for bullion integrity on a global scale

  • Key stakeholders of the bullion market as well as innovative technology providers

​The name 'aXedras' is derived from the English word 'access' and the Greek word 'exedra', meaning platform.


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