About aXedras

aXedras is a DLT / blockchain-based infrastructure and application provider. aXedras has developed a distributed Corda application for product and data integrity within the bullion market: the Bullion Integrity Ledger™. The vision for a connected and digitalised precious metal industry started taking shape in 2017, and was translated into a successful proof of concept a few months later. aXedras was incorporated in 2018 as an independent technology company and is headquartered in Switzerland - an international hub for both DLT / blockchain solution providers and the precious metal industry.


Moreover, aXedras collaborates with:


  • National and international authorities to shape and evolve the legal framework for distributed ledger technology in Switzerland and globally

  • Market associations to develop an approved software solution for bullion integrity on a global scale

  • Key stakeholders of the bullion market as well as innovative technology providers

​In ancient Greece, an ‘exedra’ represented a niche platform, a private room adjacent to a larger auditorium or hall, for private discourse and confidential counsel. The name aXedras is based on this Greek word.

By replacing the initial ‘e’ of ‘exedra’ with an ‘a’ for ‘Assets’ and adding an ‘s’ for its plural form, the name aXedras reflects our firm’s mission to build platforms for physical assets and act as a platform for exchange.


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