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aXedras is listed as Challenger in CVVC Top 50 Report

We are happy to announce that we have been listed as “Challenger” in the “CV VC Top 50” 1st half-year report 2020, created by CV VC AG in collaboration with its technology partners Inacta AG and PwC.

The CV VC Top 50 is a periodical report on market valuation developments from Crypto Valley, which includes Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The report highlights the diverse blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem which consists of startups, corporations and government entities.

Being a "Challenger" means that aXedras has a good chance of being included in one of the next Top 50 Reports due to employee growth, increase in valuation and contribution to the ecosystem.

This selection confirms our approach and vision. We will keep focusing on developing and expanding our Bullion Integrity Ledger to connect and to digitalize the global precious metal industry - beginning in Switzerland.

Download the full report here:


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