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Fireside Conversation: aXedras - Blockchain beyond Crypto

💡 Do you know blockchain is more than just cryptocurrencies and digital assets? You might just be surprised at the other uses the technology provides.

aXedras – Blockchain Beyond Crypto Wednesday, May 11th, 2022, 17:00 CET

The panel for this webinar, organized by BFI Capital Group, will include Bruno Ciscato, Frank R. Suess, Scott Schamber as moderator, and our CEO, Urs Röösli.

The popularity and reach of digital assets are on the rise, at a breakneck pace. There is a still a tendency to only think of of cryptocurrencies when it comes to digital assets, when in reality, the investment options and ultimate uses of the underlying technology goes way beyond that.

Any high-value physical product is only as good as its integrity – no matter how far and long it travels throughout the world. The solution: digital B2B processes and an immutable digital integrity certificate proving the provenance of the product. 🔐

DLT/Blockchain Technology ensures this – through cryptography, providing the “single source of truth” , thus providing this trust. This is exactly what aXedras is focusing on.

Understanding what aXedras offers will be discussed during this Fireside Conversation on May 11th which will then provide clarity into the other opportunities blockchain technology offers into a wider variety of businesses and industries.

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The Fireside Conversation series of webinars was created by the BFI Capital Group based of their published Special Report titled “The Emerging World of Digital Asset – Why and How to participate”. Get the report here: Special Report 2021 | BFI Capital Group AG.


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