Integrity Certificate

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To digitally represent a specific precious metal product, a Integrity Certificate, with its unique aXedras™ Code, is created during the registration process. This process can be initiated either through the producer or by an accredited vault which has the product of interest under custody. Afterwards, each Integrity Certificate acts as a unique data carrier for its corresponding physical product and it is used within the aXedras™ ecosystem to exchange and store data referencing to this given product.

The Product State contains descriptive data of the physical product, for instance the five unique identifiers and - if available - a reference to a unique security feature as an additional authentication layer. This combination serves as the physical-digital-linkage between the precious metal product and the associated Integrity Certificate. The aXedras™ Code simplifies the digital processing of the underlying physical product within and between the existing IT environment of the members.

The other technical states of the Integrity Certificate contain sensitive information and represent the technical foundation for digitalised B2B processes between the business partners through the Bullion Integrity Ledger™.

Life-cycle of precious metal products

Life cycle of precious metal

Product Certificate

  • Definition through unique identifiers and aXedras™ Code

  • Indication whether Security Feature is available

  • Indication whether provenance data are available

  • Further integrity indicators such as hallmarks or if the product originally was registered by its producer

Product Certificate


Product Verification

Report - Sample

Product Verification Report

  • Descriptive product information

  • Specific, integrity-increasing information

  • Valuable provenance report

  • Summary of the product's chain of custody