Bullion Integrity Ledger™


The Bullion Integrity Ledger™ and the Bullion Integrity Certificate™ take the precious metal industry to the next level of digitalization

  • The Bullion Integrity Ledger™ is a member-based trusted data network for peer-to-peer interaction between the stakeholders of the bullion market (from the mine via refiners to investors or industry) - whereby data integrity, traceability of products and confidentiality of transactions are ensured

  • Precious metal bars are digitized on the Bullion Integrity Ledger™ by creating a unique Bullion Integrity Certificate™ as the digital twin of the physical underlying

  • The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) based trusted data network includes a technical governance functionality which enables and maintains a unified database of public master data of all digitized precious metal bars


  • Automated registration of precious metal products by certified refiners and vaults

  • Unique Bullion Integrity Certificates™ containing the aXedras code are issued for successfully registered products

  • In case a product is remelted, a new certificate is issued and the old one is blocked

Integrity Resolution

  • Due to the unified product database, the registration of any duplicate, counterfeit or stolen product is detected

  • Counterparties are notified and a resolution process is automatically initiated

  • Involved parties are enabled to resolve pending issues independently or with the support of qualified market governing committees


  • Automated generation and exchange of digital bullion bar lists between involved parties

  • Enter and share transportation details digitally

  • Track and trace relocations at product level and create a tamper-proof chain of custody

Certificate Inventory

  • Custodians and owners have complete access to data and history of own products

  • They can also manage the master data of the Bullion Integrity Certificates™

  • Automated reporting capability for audit and compliance requirements

Data Services

  • Verify the integrity and provenance of a precious metal product and chain of custody

  • Query the unified Bullion Integrity Ledger™

  • Generate standardized or tailor-made market reports