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Welcoming Joa Cavalcanti to the aXedras Sales Team as VP of Sales Americas

Updated: May 31

We are excited to announce that Joa Cavalcanti will be joining the aXedras team as our new Vice President of Sales for the Americas, starting on April 15th, 2024. Joa will be working remotely from Toronto, Canada, bringing a wealth of experience and a dynamic approach to our sales strategy and operations.

About Joa Cavalcanti

Joa Cavalcanti is an accomplished sales leader with a rich and diverse background across multiple high-impact industries, including banking, ESG, compliance, precious metals, and mining. Joa's career is marked by significant individual contributions and the successful leadership of teams on complex global and mega projects.

“I'm Joa Cavalcanti, eager and thrilled to bring my seasoned sales expertise to the aXedras team. My career has taken me across various high-impact industries, including banking, ESG, compliance, precious metals, and mining. In these fields, I've made significant individual contributions and led teams on complex global and mega projects. My educational journey began with design thinking skills at OCAD University and continued with an IT specialization from Toronto Metropolitan University, culminating in a strategic leadership MBA from Durham University Business School.”

Professional Achievements

Joa's impressive track record includes:

  1. Contruent: Spearheaded sales initiatives that notably increased market presence and growth.

  2. MicroStrategy: Developed and implemented advanced analytics solutions, cultivating strong executive relationships and pushing the envelope in business intelligence.

  3. Upplify, Infor, and Cority: Applied leadership and strategic insight to foster innovation and scalability, always with a keen eye for pioneering solutions and market opportunities.

Joa believes deeply in the synergy of teamwork, consistently nurturing environments where collaborative spirit and joint achievements thrive. Joa's multilingual communication skills further enrich our team's diversity and enhance our ability to connect with a wide array of colleagues and partners.

Beyond Professional Life

Outside of work, Joa invests time in SaaS think tank groups and serves on the Durham Alumni committee, offering strategic insights to keep the MBA program at the forefront. Joa is also committed to community service, finding great purpose in aiding those in need.

Connect with Joa

We encourage you to connect with Joa on LinkedIn learn more about his journey and vision for aXedras.

We are thrilled to welcome Joa to our team and look forward to the innovation and leadership he will bring to our sales efforts in the Americas. Welcome aboard, Joa!


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