Webinar: Blockchain in Mining

aXedras was invited by Kamni Chain Ltd. to present in one of their monthly webinars about blockchain technology in the mining industry. The event "Blockchain in Mining: R3 Corda platform/aXedras: precious metals blockchain" took place on 25 February 2021.

Tim Schläpfer (IT Product Manager at aXedras) is responsible for software modules that enable network participants to record provenance data of raw material (recycling materials and other precious metals), and map them to finished gold products that go into circulation (aXProvenance): connecting upstream with downstream.

We've received great feedback from the participants which encourages us to continue down the path we are already on with our partners.

Connecting and Digitalizing the Precious Metal Industry

​aXedras develops a trusted, distributed ledger platform for product and data integrity in the bullion market by pursuing an interoperable approach as a neutral technology provider. ​This platform solution enables streamlining of B2B processes and secure exchange of sensitive data. Thereby, aXedras offers a holistic solution that covers both upstream and downstream of precious metals to enable the end-customer to look up an individual product’s provenance.

Disclaimer: The logos and/or names displayed in the presentation are for illustration purposes only. They do not reflect contractual commitments or other intentions for the companies represented.


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